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Cygwin Oh My ZSH Recipe

This post documents my Cygwin + Oh My ZSH configuration which gives me a consistent cross platform terminal experience on Windows, OS X and Linux. Web development workflow is more comfortable when using the same familiar bash shell interface across different operating systems.

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Visual Studio Code

This free open source cross platform code editor from Microsoft has grown to become the most popular since its release in 2015. Visual Studio Code is highly customizable, has a vast extension library, Git integration, contextual theme support, a built in terminal and debugging to name a few of the many available features. Continue reading Visual Studio Code

Going from Windows to OS X

After twenty plus years using Microsoft and Windows dating back to DOS 6.1 and Windows 3.1, I am learning how to make the switch to OS X. One thing I had to get used to was how to bring up context menus that I would always invoke by right clicking an object in Windows.

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