Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

I installed Windows 8 on my 2009 SONY VAIO FW series laptop today. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts I found useful.
  • Windows Key + C – Charms
  • Windows Key + D – Desktop
  • Windows Key + F – Search Files
  • Windows Key + I – Settings
  • Windows Key + K – Devices
  • Windows Key + P – Projector options
  • Windows Key + Q – Search Applications
  • Windows Key + R – Run
  • Windows Key + X – Administrator tools
  • Windows Key + Enter – Narrator

Smart Snap

  • Windows Key + Right or Left Arrow
    Moves the open window to the left or right half of the screen.
Additionally, if you are on the metro screen, and there is not a search input shown, just start typing and one will appear with your query. Tapping the Windows key will cycle you through open screens as well. The ever faithful Alt + F4 (close) and Alt + Tab (cycle windows/apps) shortcuts are indispensable… Ctrl + Tab is handy as well.

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