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Visual Studio MVC Bourbon Web App

It is now 2015 and with it a new version of Visual Studio that includes tools for Bower front end package management, Node Package Manager (NPM) and the Grunt JavaScript Task Runner. Not surprisingly, Microsoft has its own way of implementing Grunt, Bower and Node Modules in their upcoming Visual Studio debut. You don’t have to wait for Visual Studio 2015. Grunt, Bower, Node Modules and Bourbon can easily be included in a Visual Studio 2012 MVC 4 web application.

Chinook Web API Project

For this project, you will need to have access to the Chinook SQL Server Database.

Acquia Drupal for Windows

I needed to setup a localhost Drupal development environment to upgrade a Drupal 6 theme and do some testing prior to upgrading a live site to Drupal 7. I decided to give the Microsoft Web Platform Installer a try on my Windows 8 computer.

Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Out Soon

I am looking forward to the latest release of Visual Studio (version 2012) in a few days. My favorite web app library, ASP.NET MVC, will now render HTML 5 by default. And now, Microsoft is including jQuery Mobile in the MVC 4 project templates.