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File and Folder Permissions

This page contains information on the series of letters and dashes that define file and folder permissions in Linux.

WSL2 with Windows Terminal

Windows has finally created a developer command line experience that can compete with OS X and bare metal Linux with the release of WSL2 combined with the new Windows Terminal. For WSL2 installion and updates, refer to the official Windows Subsystem for Linux Documentation.

Java and Maven Install

Installing Latest Oracle Java and Maven. Optionally, you could use SDKMAN CLI and API for installing, switching, removing Java and/or Maven.

Moving Docker Runtime and Storage Location

For the Linux operating system, these steps document how to free up some space in the root volume of your operating system by moving the docker runtime location from /var/lib/docker/ to the /home volume.


This page is a collection of various Gnome resources.


WSL ubuntu zsh nvm etc.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) seems to be mature enough now to give it another shot. Copy and paste, and other simple annoyances that kept me away before are working better. Also, I’ve been reading that nvm (Node Version Manager) works now, so here goes.

VPS Proof of Concept for Docker and Traefik

This is a proof of concept for a VPS that includes ConfigServer Firewall (csf), Docker, Open SSH Server and Traefik as a reverse proxy to host multiple applications on the same Docker host.

VPS Proof of Concept for Docker and Traefik - Page 2

CSF Docker Configuration Disable Docker daemon automatic iptable rules with an override at the ExecStart section of the main docker.service. This prevents the Docker daemon from configuring iptables. sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/ Append --iptables=false to ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd://. For example, ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// --iptables=false If Docker gets an upgrade during apt-get dist-upgrade, this docker.service file may get overwritten and you will need update it to override ExecStart again.


Shell Scripting

A collection of shell scripting tips & resources. Shell scripts are plain text files with an optional .sh extension.

Virtual Machine for LAMP Development

This blog post addresses a common scenario — a local LAMP development environment on your Windows or OS X computer. You could use XAMPP on either Windows or OS X, MAMP on OS X or native Apache in OS X. Here, we will create a Linux virtual machine with Samba configured to share the Virtual Machine file system with the host computer. We will also create virtual hosts, install and configure WordPress and Xdebug.

Mint LAMP Development Environment - Part Two

Linux Mint 15 ‘Olivia’ I decided it was time to ditch my Linux 13 KDE setup and try the improved MATE 1.6 desktop now that Linux Mint 15 released. I find it pretty slick and fast, a nice change from Windows when I decide to do some development in a true LAMP environment. Speaking of which, we need to get that installed. Before doing that, the first thing I like to do is open up a terminal and run:

Magento Development Environment

Requirements Magento Apache, MySQL & PHP - for more info, read Mint LAMP Development Environment Requirements Test Does your server meet the requirements for Magento? Install Sample Data Before installing Magento, download and install sample data and media. Using phpMyAdmin, import the sample data sql file “magento_sample_data_for_1.6.0.0.sql” into an empty magento database. Copy the contents of the sample “media” folder into the media folder of your Magento installation.

Mint LAMP Development Environment

OPERATING SYSTEM: Linux Mint 13 Maya For Drupal development, since I already have a Linux Mint system setup, I decide to focus on it rather than the Windows 8 Acquia Drupal setup I blogged about a few days ago. Apache, MySQL & PHP Install all of these applications with a single command. Thanks to Unix System Engineer, Nitin Sookun for posting this on the Linux Mint Community website. Since you will need root permissions when performing write operations outisde of your home directory, the commands shown below presume that you are logged in as root or are in a root instance of the terminal.

Improved Font Rendering in Fedora 15 / Gnome 3

Checkout this blog article at Subpixel Hinting and Other Enhancements for Freetype & Fedora 15 RPM Packages Per the infinality article, install the infinality-settings package Edit /etc/X11/.Xresources to read: Xft.autohint: 0 Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault Xft.hintstyle: hintfull Xft.hinting: 1 Xft.antialias: 1 Xft.dpi: 96 Xft.rgba: rgb Install Windows fonts. To do this, I copied all the .ttf fonts from my mounted Windows 7 device (/mnt/ntfs/Windows/Fonts) to /usr/share/fonts.

Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

Use fstab (Linux) to mount a Windows partition

# in terminal, get a partition list # to get the path to the one you # want to mount fdisk -l # then create the target/mount path mkdir -p /mnt/win # Open etc/fstab with a text editor # and append the following # mount windows ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/win ntfs-3g defaults 0 0 # Save fstab and restart linux # open /mnt/win to see windows files