This page is a collection of various Gnome resources.

Move Window to a Workspace

With mouse:

  1. Open the Activities overview.

  2. Click and drag the window toward the right of the screen.

  3. The workspace selector will appear.

  4. Drop the window onto an empty workspace.

With keyboard:

  1. Select the window that you want to move. e.g, Win+Tab

  2. Press Win+Shift+Page or Page

Open New Window in a Workspace

  1. Use Fn+Win+Page or Page to select a workspace.

  2. Open new Window

Shortcut Keys


Alt + F7

+ arrows to move the window


+ arrows to snap move/resize the window


+ arrows to snap move the window between displays

Tips & Tricks

Edit System files with gedit

Prompt for the appropriate authentication using PolKit with the admin:// prefix. e.g.,

gedit admin:///path/to/your/file

This should work with any GIO/GVFS capable editor, not just gedit.

GTK+ Resources

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