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Remote Device Dev Environment Access

There are various ways to connect a mobile device to the computer running the local development instance of your web application for testing and debugging. A proxy server and/or USB cable are popular options. Proxy Server This method is pretty reliable and does not limit you to using browser specific settings on either the host or remote. The host computer will need HTTP proxy server software installed for proxying requests and responses.

jQuery Mobile Cascaded Selects using MVC4 and KnockoutJs

This post documents building cascading select inputs using jQuery and Knockout for the user interface and MVC4 to serve the content. Step 1 OPEN or CREATE the MvcMobileApp that includes the Chinook Models and Data Access class [chinook-asp-net-mvc-4-web-application] View CREATE a view that will be used to render the cascading selects to the browser. In the Solution Explorer, right click on the Views folder and create a new folder names Chinook.

Chinook ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application

For this tutorial, you will need: Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8 download details SQL Server Express Database using Visual Studio 2012 with SQL Server Express in this tutorial. Other versions may work (untested). Chinook database SQL Server 2012 Express Management Studio download details In Visual Studio, create a new C# ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application: Next, select the Mobile Application Project Template. This template includes jQuery, jQuery intellisense for Visual Studio, jQuery Mobile and Knockoutjs javascript files.