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Working with Lists

Suppose you have a List that you want to make another List from? This could be useful for an API when serializing Json from an object prior to sending it to a mobile app.


C# tips and resources.

C# Strip HTML and Attributes in MVC

Documenting method and technique for removing HTML elements and their attributes in an MVC app.

C# String Utils

Documenting a few simple string utils I created for an app recently

MVC 3 RSS Reader

Arrays and Lists in SQL Server 2008

I sure hope this article will help solve a problem for me:" . It sure looks promising since the opening paragraph pretty much asks my question and the remainder of the article addresses it with solutions. I would like to pass an array of id’s as a single parameter to a stored procedure. Another solution to consider is passing the id’s as an XML string, and then parse the XML into a temp table to join against, or a query against the XML directly using SP_XML_PREPAREDOCUMENT and OPENXML.