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Lory Carousel uiCookbook Updates

I’ve added a couple examples for using Lory, the vanilla javascript carousel to my uiCookbook repo on GitHub. What is vanilla javascript? It’s plain JS. These javascript examples will run without jQuery in modern web browsers. Lory Carousel Recipies Lory carousel is a touch enabled minimalistic slider written in vanilla JavaScript. This is a Sandbox Demo of a Lory slider with a dot style pager, next and previous navigation.

Slick Carousel Responsive slidesToShow Recipe

Designs typically require more than the out of the box demos provide, which is understandable. The slick carousel demos will get you most of the way there and provide examples for various settings. This post is an example of how to dynamically update the slick slidesToShow value as the viewport is resized, demo. Getting Started In this tutorial, we’re using the Parcel web application bundler to compile all of source code and load it in a development web server.