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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Maven Project Part II

An Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) example to demonstrate the Webpack frontend build process included with Maven AEM Project Archetype 22. Follow the steps in part 1 of this series beforehand making sure to include the -DoptionIncludeFrontendModule=general option when running mvn archetype:generate. e.g.,


Resources for Apache Maven versions equal or greater than 3.3.1. Configuring for Projects Suppose you want a project specfic Maven configuration for maven projects located in a folder named myproject. Under myproject, create a directory named .mvn. e.g., cd myproject mkdir .mvn In the .mvn folder, create a valid Maven settings file named local-settings.xml. This can be done easily by copying the existing user Maven settings. e.g.,

Java Web App with Maven

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Maven Project

An Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) example to demonstrate creating and deploying a Maven Multi Module project using an aem-project-archetype. This tutorial was created for deployment using Java 11, Apache Maven 3.6.2, Maven AEM Project Archetype 22 and AEM version 6.5.

Java and Maven Install

Installing Latest Oracle Java and Maven. Optionally, you could use SDKMAN CLI and API for installing, switching, removing Java and/or Maven.