AEM Maven Project Including React SPA Part II

AEM website project that contains both the general and react ui.frontend modules. To create and name the project for your specific needs, refer to part-1 for the steps used to merge these two Maven archetype-23 modules, page templates and configurations.


AEM Maven Project Including React SPA Part I contains the requirements and base project creation steps.

If you’re skipping ahead and/or just want to try the source code, clone the archetype-23-react branch from the aem-project repo. e.g.,

git clone --single-branch --branch archetype-23-react

To specify a different name for the destination folder, append that name to the command line, e.g., git clone --single-branch --branch archetype-23-react my-folder


Navigate to the folder that you cloned the repo into. e.g., cd aem-project. Then navigate to the folder that contains the root level pom.xml and run the Maven install as follows.

cd src/aem-dev-myproject

mvn -PautoInstallPackage clean install

React SPA

Verify that the SPA (Single Page Application) is working as expected. Additionally, create a non SPA page from the Content Page template. These steps are covered in the video below.

Spa React Editable Components

Additional Resources

Part 2 of 2 in the AEM Maven Project Including React series.

AEM Maven Project Including React SPA Part I

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