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Javascript Frameworks

After discovering yet another interesting Javascript framework recently for web application development (Vue.js), I decided to put together this short list of some the emerging and more popular frameworks out there today for building user interfaces.

AngularJS v2:

At ng-conf 2015 last month it was announced that AngularJS 1.X will continue to reside at and Angular 2.0 will be hosted at The new version of Angular is not a major update, it is a complete rewrite. In February, Brad Green announced that Angular 2 was officially Alpha in this First look at App Development in Angular2 video.

AngularJS Cascaded Selects

As a follow up to jQuery Mobile Cascaded Selects using MVC4 and KnockoutJs, I have created this AngularJS Cascaded Selects tutorial that gets it’s data from the Chinook Web API Project. The application uses angular data-binding and the ngOptions attribute to dynamically generate a list of option elements for each of the three HTML select elements.

DNN Session Timer with AngularJS

This tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to add a session timeout timer and alert dialog within a DotNetNuke (DNN) Module using AngularJS. Key concepts: