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Shell Scripting

A collection of shell scripting tips & resources. Shell scripts are plain text files with an optional .sh extension.

Going from Windows to OS X

After twenty plus years using Microsoft and Windows dating back to DOS 6.1 and Windows 3.1, I am learning how to make the switch to OS X. One thing I had to get used to was how to bring up context menus that I would always invoke by right clicking an object in Windows. To right click in OS X on the MacBook Pro, use the Multi-Touch trackpad and tap with two fingers at once. Another was the Delete key functions the same as backspace on a PC. No Home and End keys on the Mac took some getting used to as well, command and cursor key combo’s did the trick. A majority of shortcuts can be replicated by simply replacing what was done with the Ctrl key on a PC with the command key in OS X.