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Visual Studio MVC Bourbon Web App

It is now 2015 and with it a new version of Visual Studio that includes tools for Bower front end package management, Node Package Manager (NPM) and the Grunt JavaScript Task Runner. Not surprisingly, Microsoft has its own way of implementing Grunt, Bower and Node Modules in their upcoming Visual Studio debut. You don’t have to wait for Visual Studio 2015. Grunt, Bower, Node Modules and Bourbon can easily be included in a Visual Studio 2012 MVC 4 web application.

Wordpress Theme Javascript Optimization

This post shows how to combine and minify multiple javascript files in a Wordpress theme into one javascript file. The benefit is a single request to a javascript file that has been compressed by minification - Wikipedia”) instead of multiple request to larger javascript files. package.json The package.json file contains meta data about your app or module and it includes the list of dependencies to install from Node Package Manager (NPM) when running npm install.


This post is not about a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. Instead, it is about a Sass mixin library. To add Bourbon to your web project, visit the Bourbon GitHub repo and take a look at the requirements. The first requirement is obviously Sass, since this is a mixin library for it. As of this post, the latest Bourbon requires Sass 3.3+. To install or update Sass you will need to have Ruby installed.

Bootstrap Customization

This tutorial covers using Git to clone, branch and merge the latest Bootstrap source code, modifying and compiling your modifications to the source LESS variables using Grunt and viewing your compiled changes with a local Node.js web server. If you are not familiar with Git, Node.js and Grunt, please read my previous post, Grunt JavaScript Task Runner to help get you started. You could just use the Bootstrap customize and download form to customize the LESS variables and download a pre-compiled Bootstrap package.

Grunt JavaScript Task Runner

This tutorial describes how to setup and use the Grunt JavaScript task runner to automate repetitive tasks such as minification and compilation. Grunt is installed using npm, the Node.js package manager. You will also need Git to work with the tagged source code. This makes it easy to reset and compare your working copy of the code at each step. I discovered commit tags while using the AngularJS tutorial.