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WordPress Twenty Seventeen Theme Sass

These Sass modules make customizing the style.css a lot easier for the new business focused Twenty Seventeen default theme for WordPress 4.7 released a couple weeks ago. January 14, 2019 – Sass has been updated for the Twenty Seventeen theme version 2.0 which comes bundled with WordPress version 5.0.3 released on January 9, 2019. The individual Sass modules in this repository represent each of the WordPress Twenty Seventeen style.

WordPress Twenty Sixteen Theme Sass

I recently created individual Sass modules for each of the WordPress Twenty Sixteen style.css stylesheet numbered and annotated sections. Additionally, the fonts and colors have been converted into Sass variables. All of this makes customizing this theme easier. May 25, 2018 – Sass has been updated for the Twenty Sixteen theme version 1.5 which comes bundled with WordPress version 4.9.6 released on May, 17, 2018.

Design Patterns

Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design. – Addy Osmani Constructor Pattern All methods and properties of the object are added in the constructor. function Track(artist, title, year) { this.artist = artist; this.title = title; this.year = year; this.trackInfo = function() { return this.title + ", by " + this.artist + ", Year released: " + this.year; }; } var theFixer = new Track("Pearl Jam", "The Fixer", 2009); var lazaretto = new Track("Jack White", "Lazaretto", 2014); console.

Responsive Sidebar

This code sample shows how to create responsive sidebars that can be toggled open or closed in wider desktop layouts. In a mobile layout, they become columns below the article content. demo This code sample shows how to create a responsive sidebar that fills the entire height of the page. Other CSS features include a fixed background image and universal box sizing with inheritance. demo

Bourboneat Wordpress Theme

I have created a new Wordpress starter theme for building custom themes designed for Wordpress version 4.1 and later. The theme uses the Bourbon Sass library and it’s Neat semantic grid components for a lightweight and modular responsive design. The header and footer designs were taken from the Bourbon Refills collection. Also included are IcoMoon font icons which can be easily updated using the IcoMoon app. Gulp’s build system is used to compile and minify Sass and Javascript modules into optimized CSS and Javascript.

Advanced Color Picker

Updated July 2013 — I put together my own HTML Color Selector The Advanced Color Picker comes in handy sometimes too -

jQuery Navigation Menus

My favorite is the Superfish jQuery menu plugin by Joel Birch. Demo - These Mac-like Dock menus provides horizontal or vertical rollover icons that expand on rollover with optional labels.