Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer Resources



Code Repositories


  • /crx/de
  • /crx/packmgr

default UI the Target Paths * /welcome (classic) * /projects (touch ui)




By default, Adobe Experience Manager has pretty much everything enabled. When deploying to production, these items should be checked in addition to other precautions.

  • Change administrative passwords
    • CRX
    • Apache Felix Console
  • Disable WebDav
  • Restrict access using the Dispatcher
  • Check for cross-site scripting (XSS)

Developer Tools for Eclipse

This page contains tips and resources for using Eclipse with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The first tip covers how to setup a simple Sling Content project and use it to transfer files between the local file system and AEM’s Java Content Repository (JCR). Requirements Download and install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (Eclipse Kepler or newer), Install AEM Developer Tools For more information, helpx.

AEM JavaScript Use-API

Tips and resources for using AEM’s Sightly / HTL JavaScript Use-API for writing server-side JavaScript. The AEM JavaScript Use-API ResourceUtils page contains examples for using ResourceUtils and functions. part II - AEM JavaScript Use-API ResourceUtils Debugging / Logging Debugging is essential to development, especially when trying to learn what JavaScript patterns, variables, etc. can be utilized within the Use-API. Custom Log File Navigate to the Web Console and select Sling: Log Support.

AEM JavaScript Use-API ResourceUtils

This example shows how to pass data from the HTL to the server-side JavaScript, and use the /libs/wcm/foundation/components/utils/ResourceUtils.js to access poperties from jcr:content. For this example we’ll be using crx/de in author runmode to edit the weretail app directly on the server. e.g., http://localhost:4502/crx/de In /apps/weretail/components/structure/page create a file named example.js as follows. "use strict"; use(["/libs/wcm/foundation/components/utils/ResourceUtils.js"], function (ResourceUtils) { var data = {}; data.key = this.key; ResourceUtils.getResource("/content/we-retail/us/en/" + this.