Node.js will need to be installed. This include the npm CLI.

Pro Tips: Use nvm for Node.js installation. If running Windows, use WSL2 with Windows Terminal.

Getting Started

Here are a couple of options for creating a React application.

1. Create React App

The create-react-app CLI released by facebook in July 2016 is an easy way to spin up a zero configuration React app.

Install the create-react-app CLI globally using npm.

npm i -g create-react-app

Use the create-react-app CLI to create a new React App, e.g.,

npx create-react-app myreactapp

2. Minimal React Boilerplate

Using Git, clone the minimal-react-webpack-babel-setup into your new app directory. e.g.,

git clone myreactapp

In the new application directory, use the npm CLI to install node_modules, then run the start script.

cd myreactapp

npm i

npm start